These terms and conditions manage all purchases from Belflora Flower Market. Please note that by using this website, you agree to abide by these terms conditions, disclaimers and acknowledge the limitations. You also acknowledge and understand these terms and conditions.

Orders and Deliveries

Belflora Flower Market uses a combination of our own couriers and private couriers, the runs are created based on volume and efficiency. This means that small time frame delivery deadlines are hard to commit to. The delivery time window will be roughly 8:30am to 5pm, this is approximate to ensure your order will be delivered within usual business hours. If you have deadlines for example, finishing work at 2pm, we will try our best to be on time.

During this pandemic we have been using a contactless delivery method, ensuring that our couriers practise social distancing. If no one is home when we deliver the flowers, we will leave the flowers in a space deemed safe by our couriers. If there no where safe to leave the flowers, they will be brought back to the shop and re-delivery or pick-up will be arranged.

We get our flower supply from the Sydney Flower Market, which has been severely impacted by Covid-19. Flowers have increased in price and availability can vary. With the flowers we have in stock, we try our best to create the items we have on our website and we will substitute flowers and colours when necessary. All arrangements will be beautifully selected and created by one of experienced florists with the flowers we have available. We ask that you trust us to make a bespoke arrangement during this difficult time.

Refunds and Warranties

Belflora Flower Market does not offer refunds. If you are unsatisfied with the quality or lifespan of the flowers, please contact us on Belflora@belflora.com.au. We may ask for photos as proof, this is so we can contact our suppliers and let them know of quality issues. You can expect your flowers to last between 4-7 days. Flowers can last longer under the proper care. We urge you to contact us if you require any assistance.

If you do not agree or unable to agree with ANY of the above terms and conditions, then we suggest you do not place an order. We advise that all complaints will be directly referred to these terms and conditions.

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